How To Use a Blog to Promote Your Business [+Some Killer Examples👌]

I have helped businesses of all sizes expand their presence on the internet. I’ve used a number of different channels including organic and paid social media, paid search, display ads, SEO and content marketing. One of the most effective ways I’ve found to help businesses grow is to leverage a blog to drive people toContinue reading “How To Use a Blog to Promote Your Business [+Some Killer Examples👌]”

Best AI Copywriting Software (Tested and Ranked for 2022)

As a content writer, I should be vehemently opposed to any sort of AI copywriting solution. These are basically robots trying to replace me. However, as I’ve written more and more, I’ve looked for ways to speed up my writing process. One of the ways I’ve done this is with AI copywriting software. I don’tContinue reading “Best AI Copywriting Software (Tested and Ranked for 2022)”

Essential Guide to Writing For The Internet in 2022

I’ve been writing and publishing regularly on the internet for about five years now. Over this period I have published hundreds of blog posts, landing pages, and social media posts–all with some aspect of written content. Here are some tips that I would give anyone who is just getting started with publishing on the internet.Continue reading “Essential Guide to Writing For The Internet in 2022”

How To Reduce Your Phone Use

The biggest addiction that people are dealing with today is smartphone addiction. Before the invention of the smartphone, phones were boring. You could only play Snake or text your friends meaningless things for so long. However, now phones are like dopamine bombs mixed with crack cocaine mixed with ads and catchy videos. It’s totally understandableContinue reading “How To Reduce Your Phone Use”

75 Best Audiobooks for Men [Updated for 2022]

So I didn’t even realize this until I started writing this article but I’ve “read” over 30 books in the past year. But I could have never sat down and actually read through them. My secret: audiobooks. I love audiobooks. They allow me to read almost every day while I’m going for walks, working out,Continue reading “75 Best Audiobooks for Men [Updated for 2022]”