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Hello! I’m Christian Stewart. I’m a writer, an SEO expert, a fitness fanatic, and a YouTuber.

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Best Dating Books for Men

Dating is a weird thing. To some guys it comes naturally, and it becomes a part of these guys lifestyles. To others the process of…


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What I’m Working On

  1. 👨🏼‍💻 I’m a nerd when it comes to writing online, getting organic traffic to websites, putting on muscle, and eating healthy.
  2. 🎬 On my YouTube channel, I make videos about trends in technology, internet privacy, and the future of the internet. Check out my most popular videos.
  3. ✍️ On this website I write articles about health and fitness, SEO and writing online, as well as general life advice that I’ve learned in my first 29 years.

Other Stuff

  1. 💪 I’m working on building muscle and getting super shredded. So I’m probably at the gym working through a new weightlifting program.
  2. 🎸 I love playing guitar in my spare time, so I’m working on catching up with John Mayer at the moment.

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