10/20 – Today I Learned (Farming in Texas and Kansas)

This morning I was working at a coffeeshop in Austin. When I sat down at my table, there was a girl next to me wearing a hat that said “Urban American Farmer”. So I gave it a Google to see what it was. I found this website: Urban American Farmer. It’s a company that teachesContinue reading “10/20 – Today I Learned (Farming in Texas and Kansas)”

What Are The 5 Pillars of Health?

There are a few articles out there that have mentioned the “pillars of health”, but they all vary in what those pillars actually are. Each of these pillars represents an entire area of health that can be examined down to the most minute details. However, I’m going to focus on things from a high levelContinue reading “What Are The 5 Pillars of Health?”