The Value of Creating Minimum Viable Posts for Your Blog

The term minimum viable product has been thrown around in the startup world for quite some time. As marketers and content creators, we can apply the same logic to posting, whether it be on a blog or on social media. Embracing this concept in the form of the minimum viable post, can help content creatorsContinue reading “The Value of Creating Minimum Viable Posts for Your Blog”

Can You Do SEO without Link Building?

I’ve been doing SEO in some capacity for almost a decade. I started writing “SEO-friendly” blog posts for an online automotive publication. Then I started blogging and doing on-page SEO for a tech company. But then I found out about this other part of SEO: link building. The concept of link building is pretty simple,Continue reading “Can You Do SEO without Link Building?”

5 Things the Best Company Blogs Are All Doing [You Need To Do These Things!]

Hello! So you’re interested in improving your company’s blog to drive better results for your business? Let me help you. I’ve been doing marketing for about a decade, with a lot of that time spent guiding the direction of content that companies post on their blogs. I’ve probably written close to 1,000 blog posts specificallyContinue reading “5 Things the Best Company Blogs Are All Doing [You Need To Do These Things!]”

How To Use a Blog to Promote Your Business [+Some Killer Examples­čĹî]

I have helped businesses of all sizes expand their presence on the internet. I’ve used a number of different channels including organic and paid social media, paid search, display ads, SEO and content marketing. One of the most effective ways I’ve found to help businesses grow is to leverage a blog to drive people toContinue reading “How To Use a Blog to Promote Your Business [+Some Killer Examples­čĹî]”

SEO Isn’t About Rankings

Explaining to people what I do is difficult at times. I do SEO for Spigot Inc.┬áin Kansas City. What is SEO? Well, uh, it is what it is. SEO is search engine optimization. But really it’s a lot more than that. The goal isn’t just to rank highly on Google, it’s to be well-represented acrossContinue reading “SEO Isn’t About Rankings”