The Value of Creating Minimum Viable Posts for Your Blog

The term minimum viable product has been thrown around in the startup world for quite some time. As marketers and content creators, we can apply the same logic to posting, whether it be on a blog or on social media. Embracing this concept in the form of the minimum viable post, can help content creatorsContinue reading “The Value of Creating Minimum Viable Posts for Your Blog”

5 Things the Best Company Blogs Are All Doing [You Need To Do These Things!]

Hello! So you’re interested in improving your company’s blog to drive better results for your business? Let me help you. I’ve been doing marketing for about a decade, with a lot of that time spent guiding the direction of content that companies post on their blogs. I’ve probably written close to 1,000 blog posts specificallyContinue reading “5 Things the Best Company Blogs Are All Doing [You Need To Do These Things!]”

I want a ROCKSTAR Business to Promote

One of my favorite parts of marketing is finding the positive, unique or exciting aspects of a product or service to promote. Every marketer wants to work with a business that is already a rockstar. The reason is obvious: A great product is way easier to market than one that sucks. Customers are the BestContinue reading “I want a ROCKSTAR Business to Promote”

Each Niche Has Its ONE Problem

I’ve helped a number of different people, in a number of industries solve their marketing problems. As a freelancer, I’ve worked with financial advisors, real estate agents, restaurants, startups and other businesses. As a marketer, my goal is to increase people’s awareness of your brand, improve people’s opinions about your brand, drive people to takeContinue reading “Each Niche Has Its ONE Problem”