My Experience Taking an Engineering Course on YouTube

Early on in the COVID pandemic, I had some extra time to spend at home. I decided to work my way through a physics lecture series I found on YouTube.  I decided to start working my way through these lessons from Jeff Hanson. I started with the Statics course, and then I moved on toContinue reading “My Experience Taking an Engineering Course on YouTube”

I Suck at Closing New Clients…

I’ve worked on building a freelance marketing business or marketing agency for awhile now. Unfortunately the most I’ve ever gotten paid for a freelance gig was around $200 for a single project. Not only is this much less than I would like, it’s a result of one thing: I’m terrible at selling my services andContinue reading “I Suck at Closing New Clients…”

My Experience with VPN Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing, if done well can be a very lucrative pursuit. It hasn’t paid me a ton, but it has taught me a lot about what it takes to encourage people to buy products based on recommendations they read online. I signed up for my first VPN affiliate programs in 2018, and over the pastContinue reading “My Experience with VPN Affiliate Programs”

Why Are There So Many Overweight Kids in The U.S. and What Can We Do About It?

According to the CDC, obesity affected about 13.7 million children and adolescents in the United States in 2016. Unfortunately, the majority of these kids will grow up to be obese adults. These obese adults will then require more healthcare and economic resources than healthy individuals. The Problem is Not Just A Lack of Physical ActivityContinue reading “Why Are There So Many Overweight Kids in The U.S. and What Can We Do About It?”

How To Get a Marketing Job With No Experience

So you’re interested in marketing? If you love creating content and trying to gain followers on Instagram or TikTok, then marketing is probably a great field for you to go into. While you can probably get an internship without experience, getting a full-time position is more difficult without some experience. However, it is still possibleContinue reading “How To Get a Marketing Job With No Experience”