Essential Guide to Writing For The Internet in 2022

I’ve been writing and publishing regularly on the internet for about five years now. Over this period I have published hundreds of blog posts, landing pages, and social media posts–all with some aspect of written content. Here are some tips that I would give anyone who is just getting started with publishing on the internet.Continue reading “Essential Guide to Writing For The Internet in 2022”

Why Fitness Is Not (and Shouldn’t Be) a Juvenile Pursuit

I was at a friends house for a barbecue earlier this summer and we were discussing going to the gym. A couple of the guys there had gotten gym memberships at the same gym as me a few months prior, but had decided to cancel them. Then they started talking about how it was aContinue reading “Why Fitness Is Not (and Shouldn’t Be) a Juvenile Pursuit”

How To Stop Drinking Coffee (without Nasty Headaches)

I LOVE COFFEE! If you’ve spent any time with me at all, you probably know that I drink a lot of coffee and I really enjoy it. However, I’ve reached many points in my young life where I’ve overdone it. Caffeine tolerance builds quickly (like within a few days), so it’s easy to find yourselfContinue reading “How To Stop Drinking Coffee (without Nasty Headaches)”

16 Things I Would Tell My 16 Year Old Self

It’s funny I can look back at my 16 year old self and see some things that he obviously needed to hear – but I really don’t feel like I have everything figured out now at 28 years old. So if you’re a 40 year old, and you have some glaring tips for me –Continue reading “16 Things I Would Tell My 16 Year Old Self”

11 Days in New York [Exploring Williamsburg, Long Island City, and Lower Manhattan]

I recently got home from a trip to New York City. I had never been to New York in the summertime, so I was really excited to see the city when it stays light out later in the day and when people are outside doing stuff! My uncle and I had been talking about goingContinue reading “11 Days in New York [Exploring Williamsburg, Long Island City, and Lower Manhattan]”

I’ve Journaled Almost Every Day in 2022

So on January 1, 2022 — I started journaling every day. Nothing crazy, sometimes it’s just a sentence or two about how I’m feeling, or things I’m thinking about. Sometimes though, I’ll write a few long paragraphs. But so far those days have been pretty rare. I still love the process though. I used toContinue reading “I’ve Journaled Almost Every Day in 2022”

The Five Most Important Skills (according to Naval Ravikant)

Reading. Writing. Persuasion. Arithmetic. Computer Programming. Reading: This is incredibly important for acquiring new knowledge. Now you can learn a lot without reading, from places like podcasts, YouTube videos, and documentaries. However, the ability to comprehend the things you read quickly and completely is a valuable skill in business. Because much of the communication todayContinue reading “The Five Most Important Skills (according to Naval Ravikant)”

Why Real Fighters Despise Jake Paul

Wait, doesn’t everybody hate Jake Paul. Well, maybe. But there is one group of people who absolutely can’t stand the guy: fighters.  So why do fighters hate him more than regular people? Because he has essentially hacked the system to become the most well-known fighter in the world.  However, he hasn’t had to go throughContinue reading “Why Real Fighters Despise Jake Paul”