Why Real Fighters Despise Jake Paul

Wait, doesn’t everybody hate Jake Paul. Well, maybe. But there is one group of people who absolutely can’t stand the guy: fighters.  So why do fighters hate him more than regular people? Because he has essentially hacked the system to become the most well-known fighter in the world.  However, he hasn’t had to go throughContinue reading “Why Real Fighters Despise Jake Paul”

Consistency is Far More Important Than Perfection

The majority of your views come from just a small portion of the content you create. I know what you’re thinking — duh! If you’ve posted on social media a lot, or published blog posts, you’ve probably had one post that stands out from every other one of your posts. I’ve written hundreds of blogContinue reading “Consistency is Far More Important Than Perfection”

5 Things I Will Spend (Almost) Unlimited Money On

Books I‘ve committed to a life of learning. Books are one of my favorite ways to learn. They make me a more interesting person. They allow me to perform better. They allow me to talk to smarter people. I love them. They will enrich my life, so I spend freely on books. Shoes My great-grandmotherContinue reading “5 Things I Will Spend (Almost) Unlimited Money On”

My Experience Taking an Engineering Course on YouTube

Early on in the COVID pandemic, I had some extra time to spend at home. I decided to work my way through a physics lecture series I found on YouTube.  I decided to start working my way through these lessons from Jeff Hanson. I started with the Statics course, and then I moved on toContinue reading “My Experience Taking an Engineering Course on YouTube”