I Started Crying on My Run Yesterday

This is more of a journal entry than a lot of the blogs I post here. And this is especially vulnerable for me, but it feels important (and maybe impactful) enough to share. I’ve started running again recently. And I’ve…

How To Not Be Skinny Fat [3 Step Process]

In this post I want to share the process of going from skinny fat to fit. This post touches on my personal experience of going through this exact process. About a decade ago, I thought I was “healthy” because I…

20 Rules To Live By for Men

One of my core beliefs is that it’s crucial to have a code or a set of principles to live by. Developing these rules or tenets has taken all of my life, as they’ve evolved as I go through new…

Best Books About Sleep [14 Top Picks for 2023]

Sleep seems simple. Or at least it can. It’s that thing we do at night, when we lay down and close our eyes. But unfortunately, for many sleep doesn’t come easily. Top performers in business, athletics, and other areas all…


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