20 Rules To Live By for Men

One of my core beliefs is that it’s crucial to have a code or a set of principles to live by. Developing these rules or tenets has taken all of my life, as they’ve evolved as I go through new experiences, overcome challenges, and learn new things about people. These are based on my experiencesContinue reading “20 Rules To Live By for Men”

My Daily Journaling Practice [& The Exact Template I Use]

I’ve journaled more in 2022 than any other year in my life. As of mid-September 2022, I’ve written 47,800 words in my “journal”. I use my notes app so I can jot down quick notes from my phone and do more long-form writing from my computer. I’ve recently started an additional journaling practice. I haveContinue reading “My Daily Journaling Practice [& The Exact Template I Use]”

How To Reduce Your Phone Use

The biggest addiction that people are dealing with today is smartphone addiction. Before the invention of the smartphone, phones were boring. You could only play Snake or text your friends meaningless things for so long. However, now phones are like dopamine bombs mixed with crack cocaine mixed with ads and catchy videos. It’s totally understandableContinue reading “How To Reduce Your Phone Use”