My Spotify 2020 Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped

At the end of every year Spotify gives users “Wrapped”, which summarizes the music and podcasts you listened to that year. I think Spotify Wrapped is a really smart marketing tactic, as it gives users sharable content which helps promote Spotify on social media (and now on my blog).

How To Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2020

If you’re looking for your Spotify Wrapped for 2020, this video explains how to find your top artists, songs, and podcasts of the year.

What Did I Listen to In 2020?

My Spotify Wrapped 2020 Listening Statistics

I mainly use Spotify while I’m driving, and in 2020 I was mostly just driving to the gym. So my music tastes are likely tilted more towards rap, hip-hop and EDM for that reason.

I also rarely listen to podcasts on Spotify, as I far prefer the experience of listening on Apple Podcasts. However, since the Joe Rogan Experience moved exclusively to Spotify, I have spent more time listening on Spotify.

Also, sometimes my Spotify Wrapped includes some songs that shock me. While I do know I listened to Vacation by Dirty Heads about 500 times in 2020, the appearance of Intentions by Justin Bieber in my top spot was unexpected. I guess that song is even more catchy than I thought.

My Top Artists in 2020

My Spotify Wrapped 2020 Top Artists

• G-Eazy
• Dirty Heads
• 311
• Future
• Drake

My tops artists didn’t really hold any surprises. G-Eazy, Future and Drake are some of my favorites for listening to while working out and going on runs.

I also listen to quite a bit of “reggae-rock” music so Dirty Heads and 311 are likely to show up in my top artists.

Some artists I would have expected to show up in my top artists are Gary Clark Jr., The Beach Boys, Johnny Cash, and Kanye West.

My Tops Songs of 2020

My Spotify Wrapped 2020 Top Songs
My Top Songs on Spotify in 2020

1. Intentions (feat. Quavo) – Justin Bieber, Quavo
2. Life Is Good (feat. Drake) – Future, Drake
3. Moana – G-Eazy, Jack Harlow
4. WHATS POPPIN (feat DaBaby, Tory Lanez & Lil Wayne) – Jack Harlow
5. Vacation – Dirty Heads

No surprises here. My top songs (mostly) consist of my top artists, with the exception of Justin Bieber.

What were you listening to in 2020?

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