Don’t Monetize, Build a Community

Building a Community

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking about how to monetize your blog or social media as soon as possible. This desire to make money from your content really just leads to your content being low quality. As soon as you start throwing affiliate links in every post and filling your page with ads, you’re no longer seen as a genuine or trustworthy resource.

Why I’m Building a Community First, Not Income

I want my blog to be a creative outlet for me. I’ll share personal stories and insights, news that I find interesting and strategies I’ve used or struggled with. I want to build a community of readers that are interested in the topics I’m writing about. I’ve met very few SEO professionals in person, so I’d love to be able to discuss topics that I don’t really have an outlet for anywhere else.

I already have a full-time job, which pays my bills. Supplementing that with income blogging would be awesome, but that’s a LONG-term play. I’m going to focus on growing traffic and readership first.

Community Is More Valuable Than Money

If I have a community of engaged readers, the whole community will get far more out of my content than if I was just focused on getting ad clicks or affiliate sales. If I need an answer to a question, more freelance work, or just someone to discuss an issue with, a community can provide that.

The idea that “community is more valuable than money” relates to this blog, but is also an important idea that I really believe in. I know that having a tight group of friends and family will get me through anything I encounter. I encourage you to think about this if you are prioritizing work/money over your people. Thanks for reading.


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