Why Mentors are So Hard to Find

I’m seeking a mentor.

Honestly, I haven’t done much in the way of actually looking for a mentor. I’d love to have one, though. Someone I can bounce ideas off of, ask for advice, and learn from. But mentors aren’t on LinkedIn just reaching out to every young person in their field.

But I understand why. For someone with 10+ years of experience in a given field, what incentive is there to mentor someone?

For many people that find themselves in stressful careers (and careers that get more stressful and demanding as they progress) they simply “don’t have time” to mentor someone. If someone is driven by making money, there isn’t an incentive to help a younger person in their field.

I think one way to get many of the results of a mentor is to turn to “Mastermind” programs and online courses. Once someone in a given field reaches a certain level of expertise they can put together a course about how to get started in their field, how to grow and develop, and certain roadblocks they ran into that you can avoid.

There are many programs like this, but I think they will make their way into new industries in the next 5 years.

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