Weirdest Christmas Gifts For 2017

Do you have someone on your list who you don’t know what to get? One of these just might be the perfect gift. If I opened a gift and saw one of these, I’d be really confused.

Asian Man Wall Mural

Who needs a FatHead of Lebron James, when you could have one of this random Asian guy? I think this could really spice up your living room (or be really creepy in your bedroom).

Buy Now: $39.96


Chicken Nugget Novelty Soap81TQdFCz+GL._SY500_.jpg

 I wonder what this smells like? It looks just like delicious McDonald’s nuggets. Nobody wants this for Christmas, but see how they react.

Buy Now: $6.99


Unisex Barbarian Knit Beanie Octopus


This one is for your nephew who has become a bank robber and is looking to spice up his look. Everyone needs one of these! (Don’t get me one)

Buy Now: $12.00

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