5 Things I Will Spend (Almost) Unlimited Money On


I‘ve committed to a life of learning. Books are one of my favorite ways to learn. They make me a more interesting person. They allow me to perform better. They allow me to talk to smarter people. I love them. They will enrich my life, so I spend freely on books.


My great-grandmother lived to be 98 years old. She taught me many valuable lessons. One thing I remember her telling me was, “Make sure you have good shoes. Take care of your feet.” Ok, maybe it’s not 100% accurate that I will spend unlimited money on shoes, but I always opt for higher quality shoes. This is mainly because they last longer, so I actually get my money’s worth.


I don’t travel to stay at a luxury hotel and sit on a beach and drink daiquiris. I want to travel to places I’ve never been and explore the place on foot, and see the people who live there. Travel enriches my life by introducing me to new experiences and new ways of living.


If you are what you eat, it’s crucial that you eat high quality food. I know that I could eat much more cheaply than I currently do, but I prioritize buying high-quality food. If an organic option is available, I almost always opt for that. If I can buy 100% grass-fed beef, I will spend the extra money to get it.

I also am willing to spend a lot more on a meal if I am in the company of good friends or family. I love eating at nice restaurants with close friends or members of my family. These meals are priceless in my eyes.


This one ties back to unlimited spending on books, but there are plenty of other ways that I can learn. This could mean spending unlimited time learning a new skill, purchasing a course online, or even just spending money on new experiences.

If I’m going to dedicate myself to being a life long learner, I have to be willing to dedicate resources to acquiring new and interesting knowledge.

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