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Rockstar Marketing

One of my favorite parts of marketing is finding the positive, unique or exciting aspects of a product or service to promote. Every marketer wants to work with a business that is already a rockstar.

The reason is obvious: A great product is way easier to market than one that sucks.

Customers are the Best Marketers

When trying to convince other people to take action, one of the most effective factors is being authentic. The most authentic spokesperson for your business is a satisfied customer. Not only will this person likely return to do business with you, but they will be likely to share their experience with their network of friends and peers.

Another perk of having your customers market your business is that people will be more likely to trust people they already know than to listen to your advertising.

So What Can Your Business Do?

I’d say a huge lesson here is when hiring marketing professionals, make sure this person is someone that could use your product and love it. If you’re selling fitness apparel, but your marketing team is made up of 300 pound obese men, the lack of authenticity will shine through your brand’s messaging.

If you’re running a large business, there are plenty of marketing people out there using your product or service. Find those people and get them to become your marketing team. Their favorite aspects of your business, will also be the most important to the people you want to do business with.

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