Why Real Fighters Despise Jake Paul

Wait, doesn’t everybody hate Jake Paul. Well, maybe. But there is one group of people who absolutely can’t stand the guy: fighters

So why do fighters hate him more than regular people? Because he has essentially hacked the system to become the most well-known fighter in the world. 

However, he hasn’t had to go through the early, extremely-difficult stages of a traditional career in fighting. Jake Paul never had to live out of his car to be able to train full-time as a boxer. He never had to move away from his family to be able to train at a gym far away from his home.

He had access to resources from the early stages of his career — something that most professional fighters don’t have. Because of these resources, he had the ability to pick and choose his opponents. He had the ability to optimize his training camp (nutrition, recovery, PEDs?, and coaches) in a way that only the top 1% of athletes can afford. 

So What?

So I think Jake Paul has shown that fighters don’t have to take the traditional route to finding success in the fight game. A lot of fighters have taken note and are using their social media accounts and other platforms to raise their notoriety, increasing their value for the promotion they represent, and as a result, getting paid more to fight.

This approach won’t work for everyone. It can work well, if you’re Conor McGregor and you’re an amazing shit talker. If you aren’t and this doesn’t come naturally, it can be incredibly awkward — and people can tell it isn’t genuine.

So my point is. If you want to be a professional fighter, or even a successful Internet personality, take the shortcut. Build your following and leverage it to help you accomplish your goals. If it requires you to be the heel and have people hate you…it just might be worth it?

Consistency is Far More Important Than Perfection

The majority of your views come from just a small portion of the content you create. I know what you’re thinking — duh! If you’ve posted on social media a lot, or published blog posts, you’ve probably had one post that stands out from every other one of your posts.

I’ve written hundreds of blog posts, created hundreds of YouTube videos, and posted on Instagram/TikTok thousands of times. 95% of my views and  engagement comes from just a few posts.

Here are my top posts ever:

Here are my top videos ever:

The point is I never knew that these would be the content that got the most attention. And if you can figure out what will do well and what won’t, you’ll become very rich — because even the best creators in the world struggle with this.

Focus on Being Consistent

My most successful content marketing efforts have been the result of consistency far more than focusing on creating absolutely perfect content. Each piece of content plays an important role in my overall strategy. On a blog, for example, every post is targeting a specific keyword and is providing internal links back to other pages on the site. Over time, this compounds into a well developed blog that delivers traffic for tons of different keywords.

5 Things I Will Spend (Almost) Unlimited Money On


I‘ve committed to a life of learning. Books are one of my favorite ways to learn. They make me a more interesting person. They allow me to perform better. They allow me to talk to smarter people. I love them. They will enrich my life, so I spend freely on books.


My great-grandmother lived to be 98 years old. She taught me many valuable lessons. One thing I remember her telling me was, “Make sure you have good shoes. Take care of your feet.” Ok, maybe it’s not 100% accurate that I will spend unlimited money on shoes, but I always opt for higher quality shoes. This is mainly because they last longer, so I actually get my money’s worth.


I don’t travel to stay at a luxury hotel and sit on a beach and drink daiquiris. I want to travel to places I’ve never been and explore the place on foot, and see the people who live there. Travel enriches my life by introducing me to new experiences and new ways of living.


If you are what you eat, it’s crucial that you eat high quality food. I know that I could eat much more cheaply than I currently do, but I prioritize buying high-quality food. If an organic option is available, I almost always opt for that. If I can buy 100% grass-fed beef, I will spend the extra money to get it.

I also am willing to spend a lot more on a meal if I am in the company of good friends or family. I love eating at nice restaurants with close friends or members of my family. These meals are priceless in my eyes.


This one ties back to unlimited spending on books, but there are plenty of other ways that I can learn. This could mean spending unlimited time learning a new skill, purchasing a course online, or even just spending money on new experiences.

If I’m going to dedicate myself to being a life long learner, I have to be willing to dedicate resources to acquiring new and interesting knowledge.

My Experience Taking an Engineering Course on YouTube

Early on in the COVID pandemic, I had some extra time to spend at home. I decided to work my way through a physics lecture series I found on YouTube. 

I decided to start working my way through these lessons from Jeff Hanson. I started with the Statics course, and then I moved on to the solids and dynamics courses.

Why Did I Do This?

I think engineering is the coolest. My mom’s boyfriend is an engineer and I was fascinated with how he could fix almost anything in his house. Like many other people did during the pandemic, I was seriously considering a career change to engineering. I actually applied for a couple engineering schools and got in to one of them. I thought I would brush up on my physics and math by running through Jeff Hanson’s courses on YouTube.

What Did I Learn?

Well, obviously I learned a lot about engineering concepts. But what I was surprised by is how easy I found it to learn from this format. I love being in a classroom setting, but this gave me access to the same information at any hour of the day, and allowed me to work at my own pace.

Some people who want to learn these subjects assume that the only way to find this information is to spend thousands of dollars on college courses, hundreds of dollars on text books and hours in a classroom. People know that they can learn about social media marketing or fitness on YouTube, but I think the part that gets overlooked is the legitimate, valuable information you can find on YouTube on ANY SUBJECT.

Would I Still Become an Engineer?

After completing these courses, I think I scratched the itch that I had. I still love learning new math and science concepts but I’m not interested in working as an engineer. I love applying the concepts I learn, but I don’t think the work that engineers do would stimulate me in the same way.

Biggest Takeaway

This little foray into a new subject really showed me one thing. Being a lifelong learner is a personal choice that you have to make. If you want to perpetually improve and expand your knowledge, you have to make the choice to take action.

If you’ve always wanted to learn about something, but never had the chance to take an actual class — just look for something on YouTube or elsewhere online. The resources are available for you to learn whatever you want: GO FIND THEM!

Playing Guitar More in 2021

I’ve started playing guitar quite a bit recently. This is nothing new, I’ve been playing guitar since I was a teenager. I took a few guitar lessons when I was in like 2nd grade, and then again when I was in middle school. Then, when I was in high school I picked it up and played a lot. I spent hours and hours in my room annoying my brother by playing the same chords over and over again.

Recently I’ve been really enjoying learning new songs on the guitar. I think I’ve followed a somewhat typical path in learning and playing guitar. Obviously at first I made progress really quickly, but then I felt like my progress really stalled for the past few years. I wasn’t playing as much, and when I did I just played the same songs over and over again.

In the past few months I’ve been learning new songs from artists that I didn’t really listen to much before. I watched this video of John Mayer performing at NAMM 2021, and have really enjoyed learning some John Mayer songs.

I’ve read that guitar players typically progress quickly at first before reaching a stagnant period and then after awhile they start making progress again. I hope that I can continue to grow as a player over the next year.