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I created a new YouTube channel about 2 years ago. My original goal was to share videos about products my company was launching. I didn’t publish much, but the videos I published slowly racked up some views.

A few of my older videos have done really well, and have since gotten over 5000 views. While these videos continue to get views from some decent keywords, I’ve started posting videos more frequently on topics related to my original videos.

What Do I Post on YouTube?

I think that most people have this idea in their head of what it looks like to be a “YouTuber”. I’m very early in my journey, and I’m still posting very basic, simple videos. My videos are just recordings of me talking. I create a stunning thumbnail so that my videos look professional, but the videos themselves are very bare bones.

I don’t edit video clips together, and I don’t even add screenshots or pictures to my videos. At this point I don’t think it makes sense for me to spend much time on editing my videos. My videos don’t get that many views, so I don’t think it’s worth my time to spend hours editing a video that will only be seen 50-100 times. My competitors (people posting about similar topics) really don’t do much editing either. Most videos are just people talking, so I’m fine with that for now.

I want to educate people…

My videos are pretty niche. I focus mainly on internet privacy and tracking. I could talk for hours about how Google is collecting information from you and then about the alternative products that take your privacy seriously.

While I’m not SUPER passionate about internet privacy, I still think it’s important to educate people about how tools like Facebook and Google disguise themselves as a service, but are really just advertising companies.

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