I’ve Journaled Almost Every Day in 2022

So on January 1, 2022 — I started journaling every day. Nothing crazy, sometimes it’s just a sentence or two about how I’m feeling, or things I’m thinking about.

Sometimes though, I’ll write a few long paragraphs. But so far those days have been pretty rare.

I still love the process though. I used to be into Moleskine journals, but now those just seem less practical. Now I just use the notes app on my phone and my computer. I’ve written just over 17,000 words in 2022.

Why Do I Journal?

I think journaling is valuable for clearing up my thoughts. If I have something going through my head, I can write it down and kind of work through it on paper.

If I have something that I don’t feel like telling anyone else, I can just jot it down in my journal to help sort of get it off my chest.

I also like to reframe my thinking through journaling. For example, if I’m feeling frustrated on a particular day, I can write down things I’m grateful for or people I love. It can do a lot for putting me in a better mood.

That’s all. If you have a journaling practice, I’d love to hear what works for you and how you’ve evolved your journaling over time.

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