I’m a Brand Evangelist

I’m a marketer.

My job is to represent brands. I find whatever it is about the brand that people connect with, and I promote the shit out of it.

To be an effective marketing professional, you have to see value in the brand yourself, or you’ll have a hard time being a good spokesperson.

If the people responsible for representing the brand don’t believe in it or find it valuable, the publicity will be poor. It will lack authenticity. It takes a little naivety to be successful at first. Odds are your first job won’t be sharing something you are incredibly excited about.

However, whatever it is that gets you excited about your brand, will likely get other people excited too. The key is finding that thing, or selling point, and spreading the word about it. Be a cheerleader for your brand. Smile and rally support for your team.

Keep this one thing in mind: Your job is to sell people on the strong parts, not to educate them on the good and bad aspects.

Through SEO, I try to put out enough good, so that any negative press or portrayals of our brand are hidden by the heaps of good publicity I’ve created.

Marketing/SEO/Advertising/Social Media and other forms of brand representation all have unique challenges, but at the end of the day you have to be loyal to your brand if you’re going to find customers who truly are loyal as well.

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