I Hit My Deadlift Goal

I discussed a few goals I had for CrossFit and weightlifting in this post. One of those goals was to deadlift 315 pounds. I didn’t realize how close I was to achieving this goal.

Last week I talked to the coach at the CrossFit gym I’ve been going to about my goals. He told me that I could easily get to a 315-lb. deadlift. So I stuck around after class that day and did some extra deadlifting.

Yesterday, after class I stuck around for some extra deadlifting reps. I put on 285 pounds and did five reps. Then I jumped up to 295 and did 5 more. The coach said, “you might as well try 315 today.”

So after another set of 295, I made the jump up to 315. I got myself hyped up and stepped up to the bar. I got my grip and pulled it up. Easy. I didn’t think it would be that smooth and easy. I put on another 10 pounds and tried 325. That one went up just as easy.

So my new one-rep max for deadlift is 325 pounds.

One of the reasons I’ve been so drawn to CrossFit is the challenges that it presents on a daily basis. The other day, one of our workouts included overhead lunges…and I wasn’t sure I could do a single rep of the movement. But I was able to get through a few rounds of overhead lunges.

Going to “the gym” (like LifeTime Fitness) presented me challenges like trying to lift more, but CrossFit forces me to push the limits of my strength and coordination almost every day.

I get obsessed with things. CrossFit is no exception.

If I look back to when I was 18 or 19 years old I got into cycling. I was riding my road bike close to 12 hours per week and riding more than 500 miles per month. I read every book about cycling that I could get my hands on. I watched every movie about bike racing that I could find.

I was completely immersed in cycling, training for bike racing, and bike racing strategies.

I feel the same way about CrossFit right now. I’ve read a few books about CrossFit competition and CrossFit athletes. I’ve watched a couple movies about the CrossFit Games and athletes like Mat Fraser and Rich Froning.

I’m eager to learn about how the best in the world do it and what I can do to improve my performance in the gym on a daily basis.

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