How Do You Respond to Setbacks?

So…I hurt myself.

Last week during a set of deadlifts I felt a tweak in my back. I was able to finish the set without much pain, but after standing up after the last rep I knew my back was fucked.

I tried to do the next workout, which involved rowing, and every stroke was super painful. So I quit early and headed home.

It’s been a week and I haven’t been able to workout at all. I went for a short bike ride last night, but after about 20 minutes my back started to hurt so I cut the ride short.

How To Put Your Goals Aside?

Without being able to go to the gym, I end up having a couple extra hours of free time in the afternoons. I have to admit that it’s been rough. The gym helps me feel good and feel like I’m accomplishing something every day. But now I have to focus on getting back to 100 percent.

When I got injured I was in the middle of an intense squat program. My goal was to reach a one rep max of 315 pounds. Sticking to that program will likely be impossible unless I have some sort of magic healing in the next couple of days.

What happens when circumstances change while you’re pursuing your goals and suddenly you aren’t able to charge 100 percent ahead? Should I shift my priorities elsewhere? Why is it so difficult for me to just accept that I am injured and can’t continue towards my goals right now?

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