Each Niche Has Its ONE Problem

Number One Problem

I’ve helped a number of different people, in a number of industries solve their marketing problems. As a freelancer, I’ve worked with financial advisors, real estate agents, restaurants, startups and other businesses. As a marketer, my goal is to increase people’s awareness of your brand, improve people’s opinions about your brand, drive people to take action, and as a result increase profit for your business.

Everyone Has a Unique Problem with Reaching Their Customers

Everyone is running into a different problem when trying to promote their brand, reach their customers, or sell their product. Understanding the customer journey and what is most important to each client is the most important part of solving their problem.

For example, a financial advisor at a boutique firm may find that they are having a hard time competing with the brand recognition of Edward Jones. A real estate agent may be incredible at connecting with people in person, but don’t know where to start reaching people on the internet.

Find The Weak Links and Fix Them

Marketers need to know how to take customers all the way through the buying process. If your client needs help at any point in their customers’ journey, you need to be able to shore up their process.

If you need more people to recognize your brand name and think of you when people discuss your industry, a marketer can help you get more awareness. I’d use social media and content marketing to improve your brand recognition, but there are a number of different tactics you could use.

If you need people who already know about your business to complete the buying journey, or to decide to make a purchase, I would focus on email marketing and social media ads to nurture those leads.

If you need people Googling your business to more easily find information about your business, I would optimize your Google My Business page and make sure your website is optimized for your customers to find the information they’re looking for.

A lot of businesses are killing it on 80 percent of their marketing. It’s that last 20 percent that they can’t quite figure out that can make a huge difference in driving customers to purchase. A marketing agency can help you with that last 20 percent and drive increased revenue for your business.

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