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Yesterday at work I got to do some awesome work. When you do similar things every day, work can start to feel monotonous. However, yesterday I got a message from a co-worker asking for help on a project and I jumped at the opportunity.

We put together a “guest post” or “sponsored post” for a popular tech site. I was involved from start to finish and I felt like I had really contributed to my company’s goal of promoting its product. I studied the other sponsored posts on the site and emulated what I saw as the good parts of them. I wrote a 500 word article that 1.) would provide value to the site’s readers and 2.) promote our product in a way that would make people want to buy it.

I also did some graphic design work for the article, because the post includes a header image and a in-article graphic. I really enjoyed this process because it allowed me to showcase a range of my skills while also collaborating with a few other team members.

I’m excited for the post to go live and I’m optimistic that it will deliver good results for my company. (Stay tuned for my post about how the article went viral and I got a huge bonus 😜🤞)

I really enjoyed writing this post. Typically I’m writing informative articles for the sole purpose of attracting organic search traffic from Google. When writing for SEO, I feel like my writing is kind of formulaic and boring. I’m not focused on telling a story to readers, I’m interested in showing Google that I’m an expert on a given topic. I plan on writing more posts like this one over the next month or so. Thanks for reading.

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