Consistency is Far More Important Than Perfection

The majority of your views come from just a small portion of the content you create. I know what you’re thinking — duh! If you’ve posted on social media a lot, or published blog posts, you’ve probably had one post that stands out from every other one of your posts.

I’ve written hundreds of blog posts, created hundreds of YouTube videos, and posted on Instagram/TikTok thousands of times. 95% of my views and  engagement comes from just a few posts.

Here are my top posts ever:

Here are my top videos ever:

The point is I never knew that these would be the content that got the most attention. And if you can figure out what will do well and what won’t, you’ll become very rich — because even the best creators in the world struggle with this.

Focus on Being Consistent

My most successful content marketing efforts have been the result of consistency far more than focusing on creating absolutely perfect content. Each piece of content plays an important role in my overall strategy. On a blog, for example, every post is targeting a specific keyword and is providing internal links back to other pages on the site. Over time, this compounds into a well developed blog that delivers traffic for tons of different keywords.

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