The Best Browser Extensions for Privacy

So I’m now a Top Writer on Medium for Privacy. I originally posted this article on Medium.

There are tons of options for browser extensions that will help improve your user experience on the web. If you are concerned about your digital privacy (you should be), you can use browser extensions to bolster your protection. In some cases, these extensions can speed up your browser by blocking website features that would slow down load times. Some of these tools are even endorsed by Edward Snowden.

Browser Extensions That Protect Your Privacy

These browser extensions have the Search Encrypt seal of approval. They all align with our vision for creating a safer web with more emphasis on privacy.


Ghostery detects tracking on websites you visit and then blocks the tracking to speed up page load times. It eliminates clutter while protecting your data. Ghostery recently deployed artificial intelligence which should greatly improve its already strong ad-blocking and tracker blocking. This extension is also the ad-blocker of choice for Edward Snowden.

Privacy Badger

This one is similar to Ghostery in that it blocks tracking. However, rather than blocking all content, it only blocks the tracking scripts that follow you from one site to another. When it Privacy Badger detects a source that is tracking you across different websites, it tells your browser to stop loading the content from that source. Although, Privacy Badger has one feature that really sets it apart. If the content that is tracking you is essential to a page’s functionality, Privacy Badger will allow it to load with the tracking capabilities blocked.


Disconnect offers many browser extensions for mobile and desktop. Its main browser extension is called Disconnect Private Browsing. Disconnect works by blocking third parties from tracking the webpages you visit. Whenever a site makes a network request to connect to anything besides the site you’re visiting, it won’t be able to load that extra content.

NoScript Security Suite

NoScript is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that blocks malicious scripts that could be used for tracking purposes. It blocks scripts, plug-ins and other code that could attack your system. Edward Snowden endorses NoScript Security Suite as a tool to fight Surveillance States.


ScriptSafe is like NoScript, but works for Google Chrome and other browsers. It has solid reviews and positive responses from its users online. It allows users to easily switch the blocking on and off, if they want to temporarily allow some feature to load. It has recently updated to be more intuitive and user-friendly. ScriptSafe also uses a privacy by design model, which means it uses a “block first, ask later” approach. So some websites you may visit regularly may be blocked by default.

Search Encrypt

Obviously, no list of ours would be complete without Search Encrypt. Search Encrypt is a tool that helps keep your search data private. It intercepts any tracked searches you may try. This is helpful if you are consistently using search engines that track you. You can easily avoid those searches with our extension. We use industry standard AES-256 encryption, and your search history expires so that it is invisible to anyone who may use your computer. Try Search Encrypt Here.

This guide can help you add the Search Encrypt extension to Chrome, if you need help.


Weirdest Christmas Gifts For 2017

Do you have someone on your list who you don’t know what to get? One of these just might be the perfect gift. If I opened a gift and saw one of these, I’d be really confused.

Asian Man Wall Mural

Who needs a FatHead of Lebron James, when you could have one of this random Asian guy? I think this could really spice up your living room (or be really creepy in your bedroom).

Buy Now: $39.96


Chicken Nugget Novelty Soap81TQdFCz+GL._SY500_.jpg

 I wonder what this smells like? It looks just like delicious McDonald’s nuggets. Nobody wants this for Christmas, but see how they react.

Buy Now: $6.99


Unisex Barbarian Knit Beanie Octopus


This one is for your nephew who has become a bank robber and is looking to spice up his look. Everyone needs one of these! (Don’t get me one)

Buy Now: $12.00

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Should You Get Amazon Fresh?

AmazonFresh was first released in March 2017 as AmazonFresh Pickup, a drive-in grocery concept. It allowed users to shop for groceries online and then reserve a time to pick them up at the store and have them loaded into their car.

In July 2017, it was reported that AmazonFresh was selling meal kits. Then, on November 2, Amazon announced that it was discontinuing the service in some neighborhoods. This is likely due to the company shifting its focus to Whole Foods, after acquiring the grocery chain in August 2017.

What is AmazonFresh?

AmazonFresh is a subsidiary of Amazon.com. It is a grocery delivery service currently available in some U.S. states, London, Tokyo, and Berlin. Items ordered on AmazonFresh are available for same day or next day delivery.

Is AmazonFresh Available in Your Area?

Click here to see if AmazonFresh is available in your area. They recently scaled it back, but it may return once the program integrates Whole Foods and its infrastructure.

Try AmazonFresh Free Trial

Is Amazon Fresh Worth It At $14.99 per Month?

Like most things it really depends. If you are able to determine how much of something you use, and can consistently use the same amount, it really could help you. As more and more services and retail stores become more automated, like this, there will be a shift away from taking trips to the grocery store for a few things. The service costs $14.99 per month, and if you spend more than that on gas to and from the grocery store in a month the service is worth it.



The Life and Times of A Blogger

I’ve spent the last few months honing my writing and SEO skills. Working with Spigot, I’ve been driving traffic to their websites with SEO blogging, link-building and social media.

I hadn’t done a lot of blogging before, but I’d messed around on different platforms in the past. I used Blogger for awhile, then Tumblr, and finally created a Squarespace and WordPress website.

Some days are better than others. Sometimes I can easily whip up four or five 500 word blog posts, other days it’s a grind to write one or two. My favorite part is finding a topic that resonates with readers and encourages them to respond. It helps knowing that people are actually reading the content and shaping opinions on it.

I recently added my blogging service to Fiverr: I will write an SEO friendly blog post for your business or website. Blogging is a good way to establish credibility with your customers. It’s not the only way, as having a social presence and a professional website are probably more important. You can improve your search engine rankings and traffic to your website if you write with a purpose. That’s where I come in.

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Brown Is The New White

I’m currently reading Brown Is the New White: How the Demographic Revolution Has Created a New American Majority by Steve Phillips.

What is the book about?

Phillips talks about the movements and events that had to happen for Barack Obama to be elected president. It takes a pretty laid back approach to the cultural changes that are happening in the US and other places around the world.

The book explains that by 2044, half of the United States will be people of color. In other words, at that point, white people will become the minority. And even more interesting is that right now, white progressives and people of color account for 51% of the population. Democratic nominees for president though have pretty much ignored this as they continue to target mainly white voters. Phillips mentions instances when political figures have deliberately changed their messaging to appeal to more conservative white voters and as a result lose touch with voters of color.

It’s an interesting read. I’m just getting started, but so far it’s solid stuff.

Why does it matter?

It’s interesting that people are either in denial or simply ignoring the changes happening right in front of their eyes. This book explains just one example of systems that are in place but are out-dated or not working for the majority people.


I’m Setting A Goal

I’ve heard different people talking about making money online and they’ve definitely caught my attention. Now, maybe only 1% of people who have had success with online businesses talk about it and I neglected the other 99%. Who knows? But it still gets me excited.

I want to start making money online. I’ll find ways to monetize the few websites I own.

stewart-christian.com  |  christianstewart.org  |  gymstarterkit.com

The first step is getting the monetization off the ground. I still have a ways to go before I can make my first dollar, but I think I should be able to do that by the end of 2017.

And Lamborghini, Hollywood Hills guy, Tai Lopez, says its possible. So here goes nothing.