Building Momentum

building momentum

I’ve noticed that the more I do, the more opportunities I’m presented with.

My primary focus is making content. I write blog posts, make YouTube videos, and create graphics for social media. When I consider this, my original statement seems pretty obvious. The more content I create, the more likely someone else is to see it and reach out to me about my post.

If you’re creating content, I think it’s super important to publish frequently. Quality content is great, but people often say that because their content isn’t perfect they shouldn’t publish yet.

Well guess what…when you first start publishing, nobody is going to watch your stuff anyway. Spending 10 hours editing a video that only 15 people are going to watch just isn’t worth it for me. I’m not a videographer. I’m not trying to build a portfolio of video work, so I’m not interested in honing my video editing skills.

At this point, I’m really just testing to see what works. I don’t have any huge followings on any platforms, so I’m really just throwing out as much content as possible and seeing what works and what people like.

It’s a Snowball Effect

  • Everytime you post it gets easier. So the more you post, the more you will post.
  • Everytime you get a new follower, that person is another person who will see your future content.

Once you start making progress, more progress comes much easier. I think it’s important to spread this message because the most important thing is JUST START.

Many people ask me how they can grow their social media following, or how they can grow their blog. My answer is always just do it. Everybody starts out not knowing how to do this. The only difference between you and them now is that they started trying stuff and you didn’t.

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