Essential Guide to Writing For The Internet in 2022

I’ve been writing and publishing regularly on the internet for about five years now. Over this period I have published hundreds of blog posts, landing pages, and social media posts–all with some aspect of written content. Here are some tips that I would give anyone who is just getting started with publishing on the internet.Continue reading “Essential Guide to Writing For The Internet in 2022”

How To Reduce Your Phone Use

The biggest addiction that people are dealing with today is smartphone addiction. Before the invention of the smartphone, phones were boring. You could only play Snake or text your friends meaningless things for so long. However, now phones are like dopamine bombs mixed with crack cocaine mixed with ads and catchy videos. It’s totally understandableContinue reading “How To Reduce Your Phone Use”

75 Best Audiobooks for Men [Updated for 2023]

So I didn’t even realize this until I started writing this article but I’ve “read” over 30 books in the past year. But I could have never sat down and actually read through them. My secret: audiobooks. I love audiobooks. They allow me to read almost every day while I’m going for walks, working out,Continue reading “75 Best Audiobooks for Men [Updated for 2023]”

Is Walking or Running Better for Weight Loss?

So you want to lose weight, but you’re not sure if you should focus on walking or running? This post dives into which is more beneficial for anyone looking to lose weight and choose between walking and running. I’ve been a runner for quite awhile. I started running when I was in high school andContinue reading “Is Walking or Running Better for Weight Loss?”

Why Fitness Is Not (and Shouldn’t Be) a Juvenile Pursuit

I was at a friends house for a barbecue earlier this summer and we were discussing going to the gym. A couple of the guys there had gotten gym memberships at the same gym as me a few months prior, but had decided to cancel them. Then they started talking about how it was aContinue reading “Why Fitness Is Not (and Shouldn’t Be) a Juvenile Pursuit”

How To Stop Drinking Coffee (without Nasty Headaches)

I LOVE COFFEE! If you’ve spent any time with me at all, you probably know that I drink a lot of coffee and I really enjoy it. However, I’ve reached many points in my young life where I’ve overdone it. Caffeine tolerance builds quickly (like within a few days), so it’s easy to find yourselfContinue reading “How To Stop Drinking Coffee (without Nasty Headaches)”

Best Dating Books for Men

Dating is a weird thing. To some guys it comes naturally, and it becomes a part of these guys lifestyles. To others the process of dating is totally overwhelming, so these guys never even try. I recently went through a break up and decided that I needed to make sure my dating skills were inContinue reading “Best Dating Books for Men”

What Are The 5 Pillars of Health?

There are a few articles out there that have mentioned the “pillars of health”, but they all vary in what those pillars actually are. Each of these pillars represents an entire area of health that can be examined down to the most minute details. However, I’m going to focus on things from a high levelContinue reading “What Are The 5 Pillars of Health?”