What Happens When You Meet Your Goals?

As I wrote about yesterday, I surpassed the goal I had set for myself for deadlifting 315 pounds. I was happy that I was able to beat my expectations and achieve the goal much faster than I thought. However, now I think I need to adjust all of the goals I have set.

I want to place the target farther out for me to work towards. If I have to work on my new goals for a year or more, then that’s okay. I’ll be happy to consistently improve and make progress.

What happens when you meet your goals? You set new goals.

New Deadlift Goal – 405 pounds

Prior to crushing my previous goal of 315, 405 pounds felt lightyears away. However, I think this goal is achievable with a couple of deadlift sessions per week.

One reason I wasn’t making progress before is that I wasn’t going heavy enough in most of my deadlift workouts. I’d throw on 225 and do a ton of reps. It felt good because 225 was heavy enough to feel heavy, but not heavy enough to shock my system. In the long run, this training was probably beneficial for building efficiency in the deadlift movement, but not helpful for increasing my one rep max.

Long-Term Clean and Jerk Goal – 225 pounds

Yesterday, we did a clean complex at the gym.

The workout was 5 rounds of:

  • 1 power clean
  • 1 hang power clean
  • 1 squat clean
  • 1 hang squat clean
  • 1 split jerk

I worked my way up to 145 pounds. The last set was tough, but I think my one rep max for clean and jerk is probably around 160 pounds. I’m just not that comfortable with the movement right now.

In the past, whenever I’ve focused on Clean and Jerk I’ve quickly progressed as I’ve gotten more comfortable with the lift. I’m going to start working in a couple extra C+J sessions a week and see if I can start moving towards my goal.

I’ll likely include more goals I have here over the coming days and weeks. Every time I do a workout that I haven’t done in awhile I get a new baseline for where I’m at and can then set goals to work towards.

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